Outsource your Back Office as a Competitive Advantage

Technology has made the world very small. Your customers have the power choose from service providers across the US. Each one of them claims to be Number One in their respective industries. With so many players on the field, it can be difficult to differentiate your company from others. Big ...

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Growing Pains: Capital and Business Growth

As a business owner of a growing company, it's essential to have enough working capital to support your operation. Finding the most appropriate type of borrowing base to finance your business expansion can be a challenge. Two options on the table are cash flow from A/R and bank loans. To make the ...

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Boost Your Cash Flow Without Debt

Cash flow is the primary driver for any business. Access to it and putting it to work is key whether you are a freight broker or a construction management pro. Building a solid flow of working capital should come in many forms - both cash from customers, lines of credit and alternative (and ...

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Our Mission is Competition: Helping Small and Midsize Businesses Compete

BAMfi’s mission is to give small and midsize businesses (SMBs) a chance to compete by giving them access to technology and capital that’s just as sophisticated as what the “big guys” use. Helping SMBs is good for the overall economy, good for local communities and good for the country ...

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Invoice Factoring is Different Than Debt Collection

Several weeks - or even months - have passed since you completed work for your customer, yet your invoice remains unpaid. This frustrating scenario is a constant challenge for growing businesses, as you need the working capital to survive. There are many options to secure your cash flow, some ...

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How To Secure Payment on your New Customer Invoices

You have just landed a new customer - congratulations on your growing business.Before you start accruing expenses and ramping up your team to engage, there are afew key steps you’ll need to take to ensure the transparency and timing on your newrevenue. It may take several months before you ...

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4 Financial Traps to Avoid in Your Construction Business

We all know the phrase, “Cash is King.” You can’t run your construction business without access to cash. It’s essential to meet your needs and to grow your business. To boost your business’ cash flow and keep a strong pulse on your business, we share four financial traps to avoid.

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