Our Mission is Competition: Helping Small and Midsize Businesses Compete

BAMfi’s mission is to give small and midsize businesses (SMBs) a chance to compete by giving them access to technology and capital that’s just as sophisticated as what the “big guys” use. Helping SMBs is good for the overall economy, good for local communities and good for the country to give the people willing to take a risk a fighting shot.

Enabling SMB growth

The founders of these small businesses take an immense personal risk to keep their businesses afloat and employ people. Everyone's heard the story of a small business owner putting payroll on a credit card, that was me, I paid payroll with my 401k once to keep my company going, because I couldn’t get the capital to grow fast enough. The frustration small businesses have with regulation and access to capital and technology is ubiquitous.

BAM provides access to working capital, technology and back office solutions - we can put together a borrowing base automatically so all our customers have to worry about is building their business. For a few dollars a transaction, owners to get back to focusing on their business and making strategic decisions that will help their business grow.

This year we were asked to be a presenting company at Venture Atlanta the premier Southeast event for connecting technology, innovation and capital. We talked about the way we digitize factoring making it more elegant by introducing technology and making transactions more fluid - making the lives of our customers easier. Let’s face it we have all dealt with how cumbersome bank loans can be and how unfair some factoring deals are, BAM is here to change that.

Being at Venture Atlanta was great for BAM. We met some of the best technology investors in the country who are enabling Georgia’s growing fintech legacy. According to the Technology Association of Georgia, $72 billion in annual revenue is generated by the top 20 Georgia-based fintech companies and 57.7 billion U.S. purchase transactions are processed by Georgia-based companies, nearly two-thirds of the total volume in the US. BAM is perfectly positioned to be a leader in the Georgia and US fintech economy - Venture Atlanta was a great step in our growth.

We’re ready for our next phase of rocketship growth that will enable us to scale our operations and help even more small and medium sized business owners get access to the working capital and technology they need to grow.

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